School Principal Message

Dear Students,

Let us all have big aims, so that we achieve big goals. I hope and expect you to be high achievers. That’s why I dare say “Sky is not the limit, sky is our working place". To achieve this goal we all are to work day and night, work harder. You all are gems in disguise and with your hard work we can work wonders. I have no doubt in the sincerity and integrity of my staff. They have no stone unturned to provide the best ever guidance and help of both the giver as well as receiver i.e. teacher and taught, only then we can achieve any goal as high as the sky. Therefore, arise, awake and stop not untill the goal is achieved. My best wishes are always there with staff and the students of this Vidyalaya.

Ms Meenakshi Jain

MSc (Maths), B.Ed